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Well-being services

Wellbeing services

The Loma-Paksu courtyard consists of several buildings, one of which is the stable. The Talliaitta Wellbeing hall is located upstairs while the downstairs is inhabited by our farm animals (chickens, bunnies, sheep and horses). There are yoga and huskyyoga lessons held in the 60 square meter hall regularly all year round and occasionally the space is used for other workshops, events and courses (such as meditation, circus, communal art, painting and dancing) as well, all of them aiming at increasing one's wellbeing. Talliaitta also provides a place for the local artists to exhibit their work. What makes this space unique is the view of the Arctic mountains and dancing lights on the northern sky.

Together the Loma-Paksu Guesthouse and the Talliaitta Wellbeing hall form a perfect destination for a retreat in Lapland. For groups we offer wellbeing weeks, which include accommodation in our cozy guesthouse and a customized program involving enough time for rest, silence and pure existence. The program can consist of for example an evening hike looking for the northern lights with huskies, a guided trip to the Arctic mountains, yoga and meditation both indoors and outdoors, caring of animals and enjoying tasty, locally produced food. Even your stomach will feel well and rested after your Holiday!

Our products of overall wellbeing have been developed together with our cooperation partners and the community members living on the Loma-Paksu farm. Both the know-how of our community members and the possibilities provided by the surroundings are availed in our products. We believe that getting understood, sharing thoughts, being oneself and working for things that matter are all important to an individual. There is always something to be learned of ourselves and the people around us through shared activities.

Frequent wellbeing services
Kundalini for your nervous system

On Fridays at 17:00

Forest yoga

For private groups with 5 persons or more.

Husky yoga

For private groups on request.

Touch of yin

Nurturing yin yoga and shiatsu.

On 04.12. at 11-13

Sound of rest

Restorative yoga and sound bath.

On 04.12. at 11-13

Mantras and Naad -workshop

About once a month.

Kundalini yoga

For private groups on request.

Courses, retreats and overnight tours
Arctic vacation

An empowering full-board vacation of one week.
16.-20.12.2021, 26.-30.01.2022 and 02.-06.02.2022

Deep Personal Transformation

A journey into oneself.

17.-20.02.2022 || Veronika Bendzelova & Aslak Goncalves

Ski expedition with huskies

09.-13.03.2022 || Husky Outdoor Levi & Loma-Paksu

The search journey of our strength

To empower an important relationship.

25.-27.03.2022 || The Saga Of You & Loma-Paksu

Kuvat: Mirva Puustjärvi ja Anna-Leena Norberg @annaleelapland