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Touch of Yin - yin yoga and the healing touch of shiatsu
Dec 4th at 11-13

Touch of Yin combines together the long, peaceful yin yoga asanas and the healing touch of shiatsu. Yin yoga calms down your body, nervous system and mind with long, gentle asanas.
Shiatsu massage therapy is based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine. Shiatsu relies on the use the fingers, thumbs and palm to apply pressure to the acupuncture points and meridian lines of the body. During the class the teacher will gently assist your body in the asanas by using shiatsu.
You are welcome to participate even if you don’t have any earlier experience of yoga or shiatsu.
Price of the practice is 40€. You can book and pay your spot here (https://holvi.com/shop/yinwithessi/).
In case you wanna use sport benefits (Smartum, Epassi, Edenred, Eazybreak), please book your place by e-mail essi@studiomandula.fi.
If you need a lift to Loma-Paksu, please contact essi@studiomandula.fi
You are warmly welcome!