Reijo Paasirova, äiji

Jussi Puustjärvi

Mirva Puustjärvi

Johanna Mikkola

The Staff

The staff of Loma-Paksu has a firm experience in social work, special education, drama education, wilderness skills and trekking.

Reijo Paasirova, äiji, the grandfather, has dedicated his worklife mainly towards social services and child welfare. He has been strongly involved in the development of adventure activities for the youth. As an educator he is mainly experienced in special needs care. Reijo enjoys the present moment. You will see Reijo a lot in Loma-Paksu, ao. doing wood work, making breakfast or heating up the sauna.

Jussi Puustjärvi is a carpenter and a photographer. Jussi enjoys wandering around in the nature and cooking by the fire. Cooking with fresh and locally produced  ingredients is close to Jussis heart. Jussi plays drums, bass and guitar. He appreciates meeting people as they are and sharing good tips on what to do today or where to find the tastiest lunch spots. Jussi is usually the one who answers Your phone calls and who will meet and greet You on the Loma-Paksu yard. He works as a general manager in Loma-Paksu - building, repairing and acting as a janitor/steward.

Mirva Puustjärvi is an experienced special needs teacher, illustrator and adventure instructor. Mirva is great in getting everybody involved and with her positive approach she sees the best in everyone and reinforces those traits. Mirvas hobbies include the arts, animals, horseback riding and many outdoor activities.

Johannan Mikkola, a Stable Manager (BE in agriculture) and a Wilderness Guide (Arctic Nature Guide, Norges Arktiske Universitet). Johanna lives in Loma-Paksu as a member of the community and works as a horseback riding instructor and wilderness guide as well as the main responsible for other animal activities. Johanna is used to meeting, guiding and teaching various people in their recreational activities. Calmness and good listening skills are her strengths. Johanna strives to encourage people to think independently, to connect with nature and to pay attention to the environmental and ethical consequences of our everyday activities.

Anna-Leena “Ansku” Nordberg, a Theater Instructor (University of Applied Scienses) and a Nature and Wildlife Guide. Anskus roots are deep in the Lappish soil. Her path has crossed with Loma-Paksu and Päiviö starting from Sieppijärvi in Kolari through various youth and art projects, community projects and finally the tourism industry in 2017. Ansku has a strong presence and is able to get the members of the community to take a pause and ground themselves for a moment. She has brought a repertoire of drama and theater elements to Loma-Paksu. She enjoys outdoor life and uses photography for young people in a powerful way. You can read more about Anskus doings on her web site:: www.annalee.fi.

Anna-Leena “Ansku” Nordberg