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The search journey of our strength on March 25th to 27th 2022

The search journey of our strength is an inspiring weekend for anyone who wants to focus on an important human relationship in the magically beautiful North. While working we seek for guidance from the northern mythologies and traditions. The hosts for the weekend are Mirva, Pohjola's mistress, and Kristian, Virrentakoja, who is initiating the trip into a fruitful interaction. Our way of guiding is based on positive interaction, security, respect for individuality and autonomy. In our work, we utilize the surrounding nature, handicrafts, doing things together, our own innermost being, the masculinity and femininity found in all of us.


During the weekend you will stay with the person important to you in the idyllic and peaceful rooms of Loma-Paksu inn, with space for love and rest. As organizers, we pamper you and guide you to pamper each other in many different ways, both internally and externally. Being seen and heard, enjoying good and nutritious local food, being present, respectful touch, experientialism, rest, nature, the beautiful traditions of the North and the surrounding beauty all play an important part. Participation does not require previous experience of interpersonal work, group work or spirituality, only a desire for openness, a better connection and meaningful relationship.


Friday starts with getting accommodated, learning to know each other and agreeing on practical things while we dine in the hut. At the same time we set our own goals for the weekend. It is possible to have a sauna for just the two of you or, if you prefer, with a larger group on both evenings.


On Saturday after a well-rested night we start the day by carving a work out of snow, inspired by our goals. After a tasty lunch, we focus for a moment on how we want to be seen, heard, and touched. In between, it is again good to nourish the body and calm the mind. The evening will be spent in an atmospheric hut accompanied by the ancient instrument Lyra and listening to Virrentakoja's singing. It is good to prepare for the hut with warm clothes and emphasizing your own beauty. We utilize the idea of ​​“Luote” from the Nordic tradition when searching for a powerful word. The concept of the Luote is based on a shamanistic tradition in which the soul of the sorcerer wanders to inquire into secret things. Sharing these requires mutual trust and expediency. In this way, we bring to this beautiful moment the respect, security and significance it deserves.


On Sunday we continue from what we found yesterday by bringing it together through crafting by carving and burning bone, wood or stone. The powerful objects made together will be sanctified for use after lunch at the weekend’s closing ceremony by the fire.



16.00 Accommodation

17.00 Welcome Greetings and dinner at the hut

19.00 Saunas



9.00 Breakfast

10.00 Snow sculpture

12.00 Lunch

14.00 Guided drum trip to yourself, to the source of your own wishes

15.30  Dinner

19.00 The power of gaze, accompanied by an ancient instrument

21.30 Sauna & sausage frying



9.00 Breakfast

10.00 Making a  power object 

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Conjuring a power object in the closing ceremony and departure coffee


The price of the retreat consists of Loma-Paksu's full board (tasty vegetarian and local food) and accommodation 375 € / person and the part of the program early bird 1.3.2022 by 165 € / person and then 220 € / person. That is a total of 540€ when you make a reservation by March 1st 2022 and after that 595€.

Book by e-mailing us at loma.paksu@gmail.com