Levi huskypark 

Tonttula - Elves hideway


Levi info

Arctic Frontier 

Wild Nordic Levi


Talliaitta Wellbeing

The Loma-Paksu courtyard consists of several buildings, one of which is the stable. The Talliaitta Wellbeing hall is located upstairs while the downstairs is inhabited by our farm animals (chickens, bunnies, sheep and horses). There are yoga and shindo lessons held in the 60 square meter hall regularly all year round and occasionally the space is used for other workshops, events and courses (such as meditation, circus, communal art, painting and dancing) as well, all of them aiming at increasing one's wellbeing.

Weekly guided hours and events can best be found on our Talliaitta Wellbeing Facebook: www.facebook.com/talliaittawellbeing

Husky Outdoor
Experience the nature of Lapland together with the huskies. Linda & huskies will come to You!
Instagram @huskyotdoorlevi
 huskyoutdoorlevi@gmail.com / +358405199434

Levi huskypark

About 500m towards Inari from Loma-Paksu.


Tonttula -  Elves hideway

Elves hideaway is an attractive destination based on stories, fantasy, culture and mythology of Lapland. It doesn´t compete with traditional amusement parks. There are two strong traveling trends in Elves hideaway: nature and culture. It will be open all year round and it invites travelers from all continents, both adults and children. About 3km towards Levi from Loma-Paksu.


Levi info

In center of Levi.


Arctic Frontier
Discover Arctic Nature & Get great pictures of Northern Lights.


Instagram @arcticfrontier

Wild Nordic Levi

Snowmobile safaris and other activities. HOX! You find  great summer, autumn, winter and spring facts about Lapland (temperature, nature, daylight, activities) in end of their front page!

Reindeer Farm Ounaskievari

About 2km towards Tepasto from Loma-Paksu.


Campfire Barista’s portable Cafe - Halipuu

Cocooning in the HaliPuu forest - The ultimate Arctic hammock experience. 


Instagram @campfirebarista @halipuu